Berkeley Landrum is the second of Brooke & Jon’s four children. A 2022 graduate of Nettleton High School, Berkeley attends Arkansas State University in Jonesboro and is majoring in Radiology. She is the head lifeguard at the Jonesboro YMCA.

“For me picking just one memory of my mom is hard. Everything I can remember before October 31st, 2022 involved my mom in some way. I’ve been trying to think of a favorite memory but favorite is such a hard thing to define when thinking about someone who I was with all the time for my first 18 years of life. But, one memory that stands out when I think about my mom is the weekend before she had her surgery. She came to Batesville to watch my volleyball game and after that we went and ate lunch at a little BBQ place in town. We joked around and ate and laughed and then we went back to campus because I needed to give her something. We walked into the dorm and I didn’t want her to come in because it was a mess. But she did and we laughed about it because she was shocked by how bad I let my room get. She told me when I came home next I needed to bring my laundry for her to do. Then we walked back out to the car said our goodbyes and hugged. That was our last memory together and I will forever remember it.”

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