When asked “What is your favorite memory of Brooke?”, I can’t even begin to narrow it down to one because almost all my memories have her in them or at least in some way she played a part in.

The things I remember and think about the most are her smile, her laugh, her touch, and how much she loved me and our kids with every piece of her.

If I try to narrow it down to one or have to pick one, my favorite memory of her was our last. After trying to take a picture of her before she headed back to surgery she finally said just give me the phone and let me take a selfie. We sat and waited for them to come get her and reassured each other everything would be okay. When they came to get her we gave each other a kiss, told each other we loved one another, and then she said, “okay, let’s go kick this thing in the butt.” Little did I know that was the very last time I would see her but I cherish those last seconds together because she was happy and confident, strong and fearless,
and just as beautiful as the day I met her.

– Jon Landrum

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