Marshall Wildy became the newest member of “tha clique” in May of 2014 when he started dating fellow board member Carmen. He is 49 years old, the proud dad to Sydney Wildy, Kathryn Wildy and The green machine Ethan Green. Marshall married Carmen Wildy in August of 2020, but not without much needed help from Brooke picking out wedding bands. Marshall has been a Soil Conservationist with the United States Department of Agriculture for 18 years. Marshall is a member of Christian Valley Christian Church and enjoys fishing, hunting when given the chance, and kayaking down the Buffalo and White River. Marshall and Brooke hit it off immediately sharing their love for cleanliness and tidiness. His favorite memory with Brooke is laughing so hard, usually from her gagging on funky smells, until it feels like his head will explode.

Holidays for the Cure is a non-profit dedicated to combining holiday fun with a deeper purpose. It’s our mission to make a positive impact in the fight against breast cancer. Brooke was always focused on others, and your donation honors her and helps us make a difference in the lives of others. Click here to Give Now.