Tiffeny Lovelace entered Brooke’s life through an exercise class she was teaching. Brooke wanted to quietly attend the morning classes without drawing attention to herself, and Tiffeny would have nothing of the sort, making Brooke speak to her each morning. Their friendship quickly developed and Brooke would often return for evening classes with Jon and the Kids in tow. Tiffeny’s favorite memory of Brooke is also what she considers the turning point in their friendship. Brooke turned her ankle in an evening class and Tiffeny helped her off the floor to assess the situation. “Brooke literally said every cuss-word I’ve ever heard, and some unique combos I’d never heard before”. That’s when Tiffeny knew they would soon become best friends.

“We could have conversations without speaking and turn any phrase to song. I love and miss my best friend.”

Tiffeny is the mother of an amazing 11-year-old, Devon, and is a teacher and coach at Nettleton Public Schools.

Holidays for the Cure is a non-profit dedicated to combining holiday fun with a deeper purpose. It’s our mission to make a positive impact in the fight against breast cancer. Brooke was always focused on others, and your donation honors her and helps us make a difference in the lives of others. Click here to Give Now.