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Behind The Pumpkins Intro Video

Posted by: on May, 16, 2024
Getting ready to launch some DIY and Behind the Scenes videos. This is the intro video and music.

Where it all began…

Posted by: on Apr, 02, 2024
I have loved Halloween for as long as I can remember. The earliest one I recall was when I was in kindergarten. I dressed up in a little red devil costume and enjoyed trick-or-treating.  But, was in High School that my fascination with Halloween began. On a school trip, we got to spend one day in Disneyland. I didn't know much about Disney other than the main characters: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, & Pluto. As I wandered into New Orleans Square, there it was: THE Haunted Mansion. In line, I was slowly drawn into the experience. The closer I got to the ride, the more immersive it became. Lights, Music, Costumes, Props, the Hilarious Tombstones, EVERYTHING! Even the smells. I'd been to amusement parks but I never felt like I was PART of the experience.